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NC-Expert - Creating Experts

NC-Expert has offered the most comprehensive training in the market for many years. We have often collaborated with our partners to create the most unique and cutting-edge training available. We offer several tracks for engineers in various industries and provide different levels of mentoring support.

Our training classes are only taught by highly certified instructors who are required to have at least 5 years "real-world" experience prior to stepping into our classrooms. We know this differentiates us from our competitors, many of which offer instructors who possess very limited real-world experience (if any), and some even use instructors who have less than a year of experience since they certified!

We use instructors who can provide a depth of experience - those who can tell you which pitfalls to look out for, because they have been in those situations, experienced the problems, and found the solutions first hand! Being able to teach by using real experience is of priceless benefit to our candidates.

The recordings you will find on this site are videos produced by NC-Expert. These videos are, in some cases, expert-level group mentoring webinars provided by NC-Expert instructors, mentors, and/or subject-matter experts on topics relevant to expert-level study.

The videos on this site are not intended to replace in-class training, instead, they are intended to supplement the candidate's after-class self-study with information on relevant subject matter, and deep-dives into selected concepts.

Enjoy watching the videos!

Cisco Certification Update

As of February 2020 Cisco revitalized its certification structure. Cisco intended that this move would align certifications more closely to job functions as we continue through the 21st century.

The radical change included all certification levels up to, and including, CCIE. Cisco's exam blueprints (including those for CCIE) were changed in February, 2020.

NC-Expert presented a CCIE-level webinar, on this subject, back in July 2019. A recording of that webinar has been uploaded to this Video Library.

You can find further information, about the specific changes to the CCIE blueprints, on Cisco's website

CCIE Candidates Notification Area

Scheduled CCIE Webinars

Cisco has launched a series of Webinars that it will present.

Each webinar starts at 8:00AM (USA Pacific) / 10:00AM (USA Central) / 11:00AM (USA Eastern)

To register go to

If you were unable to attend any of the sessions, you can watch on-demand. (You will need to log into your Cisco account, first.)