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NC-Expert - Creating Experts

NC-Expert has offered some of the most comprehensive training programs in the market for many years. We have often collaborated with our partners to create the most unique programs available. We offer several tracks for engineers in various industries and provide different levels of training, from entry to expert.

Our CWNP classes are only taught by highly certified instructors who are required to have at least 5 years "real-world" experience prior to stepping into our classrooms. We know this differentiates us from our competitors, many of which offer instructors who possess very limited real-world experience (if any), and some even use instructors who have less than a year of experience since they certified! We use instructors who can provide a depth of experience - those who can tell you which pitfalls to look out for, because they have been in those situations, experienced the problems, and found the solutions first hand! Our students have told us, countless times, that being taught by instructors who have real experience is of priceless benefit to them.

The recordings you will find on this site are videos produced by NC-Expert and were made during live class sessions. These videos are provided by NC-Expert, not with the intent of replacing in-class training, but instead, they are intended to supplement the student's after-class self-study with a review of information on relevant subject matter, including further explanations of selected concepts. We understand that some of the concepts contained in CWNP classes can be complex and, hearing them once, in class, may not be sufficient for some students. Sometimes, in order to understand a concept, it can be useful to hear it twice (or more). With this in mind, we hope that these recordings of class sessions will be helpful for our students in reviewing the material they first encountered during class.

These videos are provided on an "on demand" basis, so you can access this system anytime, usng your personal credentials, to watch these recordings as many times as you like*. All we ask is that you please do not share your credentials, or these videos. Thank you.

For best results, use the ring-bound Study Guide that was provided for your class attendance, to follow along with the videos. Many students find it helpful to make notes, in the margins of their Course Guides, of specific points that the instructor accentuates.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Enjoy watching the videos!


*Students are system-limited to a maximum of 6-months' access. Please contact us if you need an extension.